September 28, 2012

Little Bird in the Big Apple: My trip to New York:)

Thanks to my wonderful, beloved husband, I went to NYC for 4 days last week... and it was fabulous! I return to my family a better wife and mother, rejuvenated and inspired by the life that is bursting out of New York.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon in Newark, NJ and took the train to Penn Station. Made a quick change in the Penn Station bathroom (very glamorous) from my traveling-prego-mom clothes (jean, sweater, sandals) to a great little green dress, black blazer and some killer heels that literally killed my feet after 1 night of walking in the city. I was happily welcomed by one of my longest (not oldest!) and dearest friends, my Connie:) She saved me from having to hail my first cab and sent me on my way. My first stop, the KiraKira shop in the Meatpacking District. So nice to see Suzanne in NY, just where her beautiful jewelry line should be located:) A little business, a lot of catching up and some fantastic food rounded out the evening. The only thing missing (other than M and the kids) was that glass of wine that would've gone perfectly with dinner. Baby #3, I hope you appreciate all that momma sacrifices for you:)

Friday I walked all over Manhattan... and it was fabulous! Perfect weather, bustling streets, it was just too good! A little place caught my eye that boasted Kobe beef burgers and truffle french fries - how could I refuse?! I almost began rationalizing moving the family to NYC when I saw a poor woman who looked miserable schlepping 2 kids in a stroller, who looked equally miserable, trying to make her way down the sidewalk with some groceries and her sanity. At that moment I felt very thankful for my big Texas house and yard and car! That night Connie and I went to the theater! (The last time I was in NY with Connie we were in high school on a school trip to see shows on Broadway - it was very nostalgic:) We ended the evening with a late but incredible dinner at a (very) little place called Saro. If you've never had Eastern European food, give it a try, you'll most likely be surprised. It was incredible! Warm, rich, comforting and absolutely delicious! The owner/chef Eran and his too-adorable-for-words wife were excellent hosts and really made you feel at home. It didn't hurt that they're friends of Connie, however, I think they're just that nice!

Saturday was for pampering:) With Connie I enjoyed some lovely cheese at 10 Degrees wine bar.... again, the wine I can't have! Visited the Bumble & Bumble salon for a much needed update to my do and caught up with another long lost friend. As I traveled back downtown I noticed my poor, neglected feet and stopped off for a mani/pedi before dinner. At dinner I realized the ease of life sans munchkins, but how superficial it all seemed too. For 3 days I only had to worry about myself and it was then that I realized how much these kiddos have enriched my life. Forget, if you can, the sleep deprivation, being constantly on-call, the diapers, the laundry, the "grind" of being a parent, and you're left with these amazing little beings and you are the center of their universe. Pretty humbling when you think about it.

On my flight home Sunday I tried to sleep, but all I could think about was those little faces I'd missed for 4 whole days. New York is amazing. The pace, the people, the life is unlike any place else in the world... but so is home. Dane, Isla, mommy loves you:)

I'll leave you with a few photos of my time in the big city. I loved every minute, but I'm so happy to be home!

KiraKira Meatpacking pop up! Yep, that's my logo design:)

Chrysler Building from Tudor City

Chrysler at dusk from around 40th
View from B&B salon
Japan? Nope. Chinatown:)

John Lennon pop art:)
More pop art inspired graphics... love the comeback!
Very suprised to the Iwo Jima photograph in the lobby of the Lever House!

The Freedom Tower, almost complete


  1. How fun!!!!! You so deserved that and I'm sure baby #3 appreciates the sacrifices of the wine as much as my baby #5 does...okay, so maybe not! Love ya and miss ya. Glad you had such a good time!! :)

  2. Gretchen, you are my hero! How anyone can handle that many kids with the ease that you do is far beyond anything I'm capable of! Love and miss you too! Let's plan a mommy's trip one of these days... you know, when we're not prego or nursing!

  3. What a wonderful journal of your trip. You are truly blessed for sure and I am glad you made it there and back safely and enjoyed your time "off" I know how hard it is to take time for yourself. You'll be great with baby #3 just like you are wit Dane & Isla... Love the pics of New York you took I have never been so I am truly jealous right now lol xox love ya Glad you had such a great time!

  4. DGA, I don't think even NY could have handled the two of us together again:) One of these days! Thank you so much for your confidence in my abilities as a mum! You definitely paved the way and showed me that it's possible! Love you:)