October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites: 10 years... aluminum?

Today is mine and M's 10 year anniversary! We're not the most traditional of folks, but I was curious what the traditional 10th anniversary gift might be.  Year 1: paper, Year 2: cotton, Year 3: leather, ect. Well, Year 10 is aluminum.... yep, that's right. Hmmm, not so sure what to do with that one. I could get him a beer, I suppose, but that doesn't exactly scream "happy anniversary"! So I researched a bit more to find the modern list of anniversary gifts... much better. Year 10: diamond jewelry! Woohoo! I am LOVING this idea! However, it's been quite a year for our little nest and after the move from Japan, buying the new house and cars I think my chances of scoring some diamond jewelry may have to wait:)

It's been a very eventful 10 years, here's the abridged version: 2 kids + 1 more on the way, 6 states, 2 countries, 2 deployments, 10 cars (yes, that's 10), 1 motorcycle, 2 dogs, countless fish, 6 vacuums, 4 colleges (for me), 4 planes (for M, pilot), 7 computers, 2 new businesses, a dozen amazing trips and at least a million moments of "wow, my life is good" and million more of  "jeez, I really love you":)

I leave you with a few aluminum anniversary ideas that I love:) And to M, I love you more today than I ever have and I plan to love you for the rest of time.

"I DO" cufflinks: Technically, for my purposes, this should say, "I DID", but you get the idea:) A great find from White Truffle Studio on Etsy. Love the name, love their pieces:)

Get Lucky Dice: Everything in me is hoping that my mom doesn't read this, but honestly, we've been married 10 years! Still, on some level I feel like I'm 12 years old around my mom:) Anyway, a cute way to add a little spice from Red Envelope.

Aluminum Cube Jigger: Inspired by the traditional Japanese sake box-shaped cups, each side is designed to measure a different volume of spirits for your celebration. Also works great in the kitchen. From Geek Alerts. And where is the creepy-disembodied-ladies hand coming from? No idea:)

Banana Bread Beer: And finally from the Wells & Young's Brewing Company, M's favorite brew: Banana Bread Beer. It might sound a little fruity (hehe), but it really is absolutely delicious beer. And surely the bottle top is aluminum:) Happy anniversary, babe:)

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