October 20, 2010

How it all started...

Living in sunny San Diego and working for a great ad firm after college, something happened that changed my life. I found out I was prego! All around me ladies were sporting baby bumps and I was one of them. Each day all I could think of was the little life growing inside of me and how amazing the whole experience was. I also started looking at birth announcements for my upcoming bundle of joy. The more I searched the more disheartened I became. The range (at the time) was very busy/affordable to the very clean/very expensive. And as I surveyed and critiqued the designs I realized, I can do this! I mean, I am a graphic designer! My lofty plans for my career centered around huge ad campaigns and nationally known brands, not birth announcements and baby shower invitations. Much to my surprise, that's exactly where my "career" has taken me, and I LOVE IT. I always knew I'd want to work from home once I became a mother, but I hadn't planned exactly how I was going to achieve this! So, at the end of my second trimester I left the firm and started to "work" from home, which at the time consisted of starting my business from essentially nothing. It was a very long and painful learning period.  I made many, many mistakes (and I still make some here and there!) but I finally got my business started. I was working from home, I was designing something that made people happy and I felt a great sense of accomplishment for striking out on my own. Then, my little angel (monster) arrived. My baby Dane:) He was the inspiration behind what is now Little Bird Paperie. Thanks kiddo for pointing mommy in the right direction:)

October 19, 2010

Welcome to Little Bird Paperie!

Hello and welcome to Little Bird Paperie's blog! I am Malena, the owner, operator, art director, lead designer, print specialist, fulfillment specialist and distributor for Little Bird Paperie designs and products. I also make the tea, take out the trash and answer the phones:) My vision for this blog is to follow Little Bird's work, progress, inspirations and insanity on a much more personal level than a website could. When I'm not elbow deep in design work, I'm busy being wife to my mischievous but wonderfully supportive husband, Mike and mother to my amazing and spirited son Dane (2). We're expecting our next little one in late March, so it's going to be crasy around here! At the moment, Little Bird Paperie is based out of my home office here in Okinawa, Japan. But please keep in mind, I do US and International orders all the time.

Little Bird Paperie offers designs for all your stationery needs as well as print and web design. I like to say we specialize in birth announcements, calling cards and wedding stationery design, but honestly, I love all areas of design and happily take on projects that are out of the stationery scope.

You can follow also on facebook and shop on etsy.
No Twitter, I've never even looked into it. Ironic, huh, Little Bird can't Twitter!

Little Bird Paperie is busier than ever right now! I've been fortunate enough to work with some incredible clients!

AmyCakes is an Okinawa based cake designer that makes the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted! She's also an amazing friend, wife and mother. www.amycake.com

Suzanne Somersall is an Okinawa based jewelry designer, but her pieces are sold around the world and ironically, she's from my hometown! She has amazing designs and a stunning collection. Some of her jewelry will be auctioned off in an upcoming fundraiser event at Sotheby's. Suzanne is sure to be a huge success and I'm so thrilled to be working with her. www.kirakirajewelry.com

There are so many great clients that I'll have to save some for another time. I could spend all day talking about the wonderful people I've met through my travels and adventures with this business, but that will have to wait:)

Thank you so much for taking the time to see what Little Bird is up to! Welcome and please stop by anytime for fresh, clean designs and a little insight into my world, crazy as it may be sometimes! Thanks ever so!