September 15, 2012

Friday Favorites: Love where you are

First let me preface this entry with a little mom-guilt. Every single time I write a "Friday Favorites" or say anything about "things I love", I have overwhelming guilt that I don't list my kids. I realize that I would and could list them every week, which would make this blog more of a brag-fest about my beautiful, wonderful, incredible babies, but I'll spare you:)

Love where you are: Since I married M nearly 10 years ago we have moved 8 times, lived in 7 different states on 2 different continents and one thing I've learned is your life is what you make it - no matter where you are. Yes, it was far easier living in San Diego than a small town in North Carolina, but no matter where we live, we always manage to make it home... at least temporarily. I guess you could say what I've learned is to love where you are, wherever that may be. After spending the last 3 years in a 1950's cement bunker, loving our new place isn't so hard to do. 

A dear friend recently introduced me to the concept of "throw out 50 things" (from the Gail Blanke book Throw Out 50 Things). Sounds scary, but considering half of our belongings have been in storage for almost 4 years, there are far more than 50 things I can live without. The criteria for ditching your stuff (beyond essentials) is to keep only what brings you happiness. I love this concept! Why have junk hanging around that serves no purpose just because you feel obligated to have it?! If it doesn't make you happy, throw it out, sell it, gift it, re-purpose it! I'm attempting to embrace this idea even though every time I start to toss something M looks at me like, "what are you doing?! we paid for that!" His judgmental looks are justified, but I can't stand the clutter we've accumulated over the years. And with this in mind I have done some serious purging and now looking around my new home I see only things that bring me happiness - and it is so refreshing! I'd like to share a few with you:)

1. Cyan Chinese Lions (not the Bombshell Manuel of Style -
even though I love this book!)

As is customary, there are 2 lions, but only one resides in my office:) The other takes his place on a beautiful vintage sideboard in the living room. These guys were a gift from said friend who planted the "throw 50 things away" seed. I love the color and the style it brings into a room. Such a great addition. Will NEVER part with these! This also may be inspiration for a future thank you card....hmm....

2. Woodblock prints by Teruhide Kato
I almost left Japan without snagging these prints. Art is always an interesting purchase. Even though I claim to be the art authority in the house, I do like for M to actually like what will soon be hanging in our house. I was so relieved when he came back from a business trip, post-purchase, and LOVED the prints as much as I do:) Phew! Beautiful, structured and timeless. Love!


3. My giant Little Bird tea mug:)
Sometimes it's the little things that I enjoy the most - like all my dishes being white and matching (after years of multi-colored stoneware) or the plethora of pens on my desk - that all work:) I ran across this mug at Pier 1 Imports and I had to have it... it makes me happy! The large plate of oatmeal craisin cookies behind my enormous mug also make me very, very happy:)

With all the moving and craziness of our lives, I really like that these pieces will travel with us and become a part of our homes for, hopefully, many years to come. Take a look around your home and see what brings you happiness:)

Leaving you with just a simple little note card I've had in mind for a while. Enjoy:)


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    1. You and me both:) The little things are sometimes the best and often the most overlooked! Thanks DGA!