July 11, 2013

Back in Virginia and in need of your votes!

Hello there:) Well, the kids and I are in Virginia for the summer again. It seems the little ones and I  always fly East for the summer months. M is away for work, so we're thrilled to spend some summer fun time with grandparents and cousins in my hometown.

Even though we're technically on vacation, I'm never completely away from work. Here's the latest design that I made for the Minted.com Good For You Children's Art Challenge. I have to say, I'm becoming somewhat addicted to these challenges! So far Minted has picked up 4 of my designs and I'm hoping this one will make #5:) If you get a chance, I'd greatly appreciate your vote! I really love this poster design and I'm planning on personalizing this and hanging it in each of the kid's rooms:) Children are such a blessing. I'm hoping that seeing this each day will help to remind me to encourage and nurture them even when I don't feel like it. Enjoy:)