October 26, 2012

Friday Favorites: Bryant Park & being KiraKira's Art Director

I love when a plan comes together:) As you may know, in addition to Little Bird, I am the art director for a wonderful jewelry line called KiraKira Jewelry by Suz Somersall. It's a beautiful line, so I highly encourage you to check out her lovely designs! Perfect for Christmas!

Well, KiraKira moved to Bryant Park this week and with that move came new signage needs and obstacles. In a glass booth, like those at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park, it's nearly impossible to hide unsightly cords for computers and registers and such. My challenge was to create something to enhance the store's exterior while giving some much needed camouflage to the cash/wrap area. Solution, very large banners! The obstacles: 1. HUGE image. 2. Accurate spacing and layout so our beautiful model Kayleigh doesn't look distorted while also showcasing the fab jewelry! Well, spacing and layout is something only a seasoned pro such as myself can accomplish, so problem solved... please note the heavy sarcasm! This was tricky, but in the end I think worked beautifully:) Huge image size is a beast in itself. Enter Perfect Resize 7 Pro! This little baby allows you to enlarge a photo 1000x's, (which we did!), without image quality loss! Sound too good to be true? Surprisingly, it isn't! And best of all, they have a 30 day free trial. Thanks to this amazing and easy program and beyond-words-wonderful Mike & Cheryl at Liquid Dreams Designs print shop, my nearly 6 ft tall banners printed beautifully and now adorn the new shop! Perfect Resize 7 Pro is a great tool for enlarging photos for canvas printing too... and just in time for the holidays:) And of course, Mike & Cheryl are great any time of year for your printing needs! I can't begin to tell how they saved me yesterday with remarkable turnaround and enduring patience accommodating my myriad of requests! Thank you both so much!

If you get a chance, pop by the new shop at Bryant Park! In the meantime, enjoy these photos:) Ahhh, looking at this lovely little shop just makes me love my job! BONUS: print the flyer at the bottom for 10% at KiraKira this weekend only!
Model Photography by Eric Kelley