September 10, 2012

Hello from a long lost Little Bird:)

Two full months have passed and there is much to report! We've been busy feathering the nest and I'm almost happy enough with the results to post some photos of the new place:) We have had our hands full with renovations (new carpet and hardwoods... yay!), unpacking and making Texas our new home... oh, and those two little angels (devils) running around here making life crazy, but oh so entertaining. On top of this my dear husband is returning to flying after a 5 year hiatis as I am continuing my work as art director for Kira Kira Jewelry in NYC. I had to take a little break from Little Bird while trying to get some semblance of normalcy back, but I'm happy to say the shop is open for business again! My "studio" was less than accommodating while we waited for our shipments from Japan.... you'll see what I mean in the photo below:) 

Oh, and did I mention that we'll soon be welcoming a new little birdie to the nest? No, no pets for me just yet:) I'm about 6 months pregnant with another little boy! Japan's last farewell gift to us:) Unexpected, but what a great parting gift! We're very excited/anxious/terrified of what life will be like once we're outnumbered.

Considering my "condition", I'm taking full advantage of NOT being responsible for repainting the entire house. We bought a house with beautiful 20 ft ceilings in the main living area. Me + big baby belly + scary tall ladder + attempting to paint....... you can see this is not a wise plan! We have hired painters, a first for us, so after next week when all the old, yucky, way too dark paint has been covered with fresh, clean loveliness I'll share wonderful before and afters!

Working Phase... actual "After" in 2 weeks!

For anyone who's wondering, I do not own a stetson, none of us are wearing cowboy boots (although Dane is asking!) and my hair is the same size it was before moving to TX.

A few fun facts about our new home:

1. Daily we see cows, horses and camels. Yes, camels... in Texas. Who knew?! The kids love it.  

2. EVERYONE has a truck here. I actually saw a Prius the other day and thought I was hallucinating. I then saw a mom and 3 kids pile in and thought, "how?!?!". Surely a prego induced hallucination.

3. The Sweet Tea flow-ith and it is GOOD! I love the South:) I've had to switch to decaf-sweet tea, but it is a heavenly drink. It's my answer to a nice chilled martini these days.

4. Bows are BIG in Texas! I haven't given in yet, Isla still wears dainty, little clips or pigtails. We have seen some very little girls with some very large bows atop their heads. Apparently it's "in"!

5. Fort Worth has an absolute abundance of museums and cultural attractions - another thing I really didn't expect to find. Very much looking forward to the art museum:)

6. Fire ants are the devil and they are everywhere! A fire ant bite is a lasting, itchy pain that I can't even describe. Avoid at all cost!

7. Texans are some of the nicest people we've met in the continental U.S.! We're so thankful to live around friendly, smiley, polite people:)

This month's Kira Kira Splash Page - New location in the Meatpacking District!!

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