July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites: New state, new house, new stuff:)

Little Bird at last has a new nest! We are proud homeowners! The fam and I just closed on our house in Texas last week! (See happy family standing outside new home!!!) After spending a few nights in an empty house with nothing more than an air mattress, some beanbag chairs and a laptop (with no internet access), we decided to retreat back to Alabama for a more comfortable visit with family:) However, the kids did love running laps through the 1st floor without pesky furniture obstructing their path. Our belongings will slowly begin arriving from Japan and from storage in California in the next few weeks (possibly months) and I cannot wait to start unpacking and making the home truly ours! In the meantime I am coveting well put together homes. My new "favorite" and enormous occupier of time is this lovely blog from an adorable couple in my home state, VA. Young House Love. Basically I want to kidnap them, bring them to my house in TX and have them make it beautiful:) They simply have beautiful, comfortable taste and I'm now obsessed with their site, furniture, paint colors, rugs, color palette, diy approach ect. I now defer to their blog for all things home related! Not only is their blog well written and informative, they also provide links to EVERYTHING you see! Nothing is more frustrating to me than seeing something beautiful, desperately wanting it and being devastated when I'm unable to locate it. Sound a bit dramatic? Perhaps, but true! I SO appreciate their thoughtfulness! Young House Love just makes me smile:) I think you'll like them too. I'll leave you with a few rooms that I LOVE!!!!

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