June 22, 2012

Friday Favorites: Hometown Views - Barboursville, VA

Today is my last full day with my family in Virginia. Yet another family and home to miss! It's been so peaceful and refreshing to be "home" with the sights and smells of my childhood. At the same time, I've been a hermit with sick kids unable to visit friends I haven't seen in so long! (Sarah, Dusti, Colleen, Staci, Nicole, Kathryn - sorry for being a lame friend!) While listening to the birds and watching the squirrels and deer with my little ones I am again amazed by the beauty all around us. Through our extensive traveling Virginia remains one of my favorite places. The vineyard where Mike proposed and we were married is just a few miles away. I drive by sometimes for a peek and a face splitting smile is immediately pasted to my face. Seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains everyday is something I will always cherish. I love how it looks like a beautiful watercolor painting from a distance. Expect to see some Blue Ridge inspired designs from Little Bird:) A fond farewell to all my loved ones in Virginia. We won't stay away for too long:) And hello ALABAMA.... for a little while! 


  1. love it♥ i have always loved Virginia the best too no matter what state I visit this is home.

  2. I agree:) There's just something about Virginia! I don't think any place will ever seem like home like good ole VA!