June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites: good friends and lifelong memories

It's been a pretty busy time for Little Bird and family. We have moved back to the states from Okinawa, well, mostly. Poor hubby is still there packing up the chaos I left behind!

Okinawa was our home for almost 3 years. It's was where Isla was born and where Dane has spent most of his life. It's where Little Bird Paperie went from being an idea to an operational design studio. It's also where I met some of the most amazing friends I'll ever know. And where my heart ached to be closer to the family and dear friends we left back here in the states. I will miss the safety, the kindness of the local Okinawans, the great noodle shop in American Village (yes, that's its real name), the beautiful beaches minutes away, the sushi-go-rounds, giant roller slides, that amazing bagel shop that finally is open for breakfast, the 100 Yen shops, the teachers and staff at my son's school that taught him so much (I love hearing him sing and speak Japanese, though I have NO idea what he's saying!), but most of all, I will miss my Okinawa family. The amazing thing about living there was the bonds we made. The relationships fuse faster, harder and in some cases stronger than those back here. Partly out of necessity, partly out of shared appreciation for a unique situation. I will miss "the Breakfast Club" and Seaside Cafe. I will miss great neighbors that became amazing friends and the promise of a listening ear right next door... or 2 doors down:) I now have an appreciation for a slower pace of life and for new experiences. I <3 you, Okinawa!

With a heavy heart we left Okinawa, but with overwhelming joy we are back in the US and with our family. Just one more stop on the way to Little Bird's new nest... Texas! A new state, a new house and that means.... an new OFFICE!!! We'll keep you posted:)
The Breakfast Club:)


  1. Gretchen8/6/12 20:19

    Miss you more than you can imagine, Malena! Kiss those babies from me!!!

  2. Love you too. :) So good to chat with you the other day!!!!

  3. Awww - this actually brought tears to my eyes. Okinawa is just not the same without you, Dane and Isla. I loved reading this and adore the picture. Miss you so much, M. Love you!!