March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Isla:)

I can hardly believe that an entire year has passed so quickly. My baby girl turned 1 yesterday. The day started with Dane singing Happy Birthday to Isla at 6:25 am. I am not a morning person and no one's supposed to be awake until 7. But honestly, how can you be upset about the lost sleep when your kids are smiling and laughing together. They're getting so big! Blinking is completely prohibited. What an amazing year it's been. Seeing our little family grow has been indescribable. Not always easy, but always rewarding, worthwhile and I wouldn't change a thing... save sleep deprivation:) It thrills me to say that Isla is a healthy, happy, sweet, loving baby that eats nearly everything I give her! Dane is an incredible big brother and just a really cool kid. He is sweet, thoughtful and as long as he's gotten enough to eat and sleep, he's one of the most fun kids I've ever met. So this Friday my favorite thing is my family.

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