January 5, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions!

Start of 2011 - at the zoo with Dane (and Isla, in tow)
Happy 2012! I can hardly believe 2011 is over! One year ago I was pregnant, overwhelmed and had no idea what was in store! It seems when you think you have everything you can handle, you get handed more. I am so glad for this! 2011 was a huge year of growth in a myriad of ways. It was a great year for us. So much so that it seems I ran out of time to blog about it!

Our little studio has grown more than we could have expected! Thanks to all those holidays card orders, Little Bird did more business in Nov-Dec 2011 than the whole of 2010! A big thank you to everyone who made this year such a success!

In 2011 I was also named KiraKira's Art Director!  It's been incredible to see this brand grow! I'm so honored to be a part of such a fabulous team, now based out of New York.  Thanks Suzanne for appreciating my design aesthetic and making this bi-continental relationship work!

Valentine Splash Page - kirakirajewelry.com

Work is fantastic, but my best moment of 2011 was welcoming my baby girl into the world. Isla is such a joy and perfect addition to our little family.

What new year would be complete without a few resolutions?! So here are mine. I hope you enjoy and  have a happy new year!

Resolution #1: Blog better!
Admittedly, I am quite possibly the worst "blogger" alive. Blog goal: weekly updates on Little Bird and all other design endeavors, inspirations and interesting happenings around the nest.

Resolution #2: Be more organized.
This is a lifelong battle and one that I hope to conquer this year! My sister insists that the notion is fundamentally in opposition to my personality and creative process. I choose to be optimistic that I can still create in an organized space (at least when Dane isn't looking up dino cartoons in my office!). Any suggestions will be well received. Basically, I want Martha Stewart to invade my house and give everything a label and a home. That's all! Thanks to Real Simple (realsimple.com), I feel I am gleaning invaluable information to help achieve my life's goal: knowing exactly where my keys, phone, purse, ect. are at all times:)

Resolution #3: Listen.
To my kids, my husband, my mom, myself. It seems I spend so much time rushing and directing and shuttling that I sometimes forget to just slow down and listen to the one's I love. My newly turned 4 year old has the funniest, sweetest, most outrageous things to say, when I'm not asking him to be quiet so I can think! And although my baby girl isn't old enough to speak, her coos and laughs are something I want to remember always. So listen. You'll be glad you did. I already am:)

Until next time (which should be NEXT WEEK), thanks for stopping by...


  1. Anonymous6/1/12 10:29

    Congrats on your new title/position!! I love the family pics. To be organized and to listen..two of my goals as well for 2012. XOXOXO, Cherie

  2. Thanks Cherie! Best of luck with your resolutions too! Maybe both of us being on the east coast will be the fresh start we need to make good this time around! Love you!

  3. Love your blog. I recommend writing down daily goals, even if they are little things you want done. If you write them down you see them and they are not just floating around in your mind. I painted one of my kitchen cabinets with calk board paint. Kristy's kids draw on it and it's a to do list space for me as well. Better blogging is also on my list. Enjoy those babies!