January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites:)

It's no secret to those who know me, little things really make me happy. So for this reason I've decided to bring you "Friday Favorites" - just a few things that made me smile this week. I hope they make you smile too! And for our first installment....

Copco Travel Mug
This was gifted to my husband by a witty co-worker after an unfortunate coffee spill that managed to sully everything in the office, except for Mike's clothing:) At first glance it appears to be an ordinary Starbucks disposable paper coffee cup. Not so! This double insulated, plastic travel mug is meant to cut down on unnecessary waste. By refilling this each day rather than getting a to-go cup, you can keep trash out of landfills and it's BPA free. This one has been confiscated and is now my property and is only filled with my morning green tea:) Convenient, practical, eco-conscious and witty; my kind of product:)

The Bubble Chandelier
This fabulous chandelier is from Twig Decor and is constructed with glass Christmas ornaments. What an ingenious idea! This just makes me smile:)
I recount my childhood and how magical bubbles can be.

Glass Bottle Color Palette
From Ali Z. over at Designalicious. LOVE it! I much rather choose my color from this fantastic image than from a color wheel. The light is so beautiful and ethereal. Just in time for spring designing!

Haha! Mike just walked up behind me and said, "why are blogging about a coffee cup, a light and some bottles?" I shook my head and thought, silly man. I explained aloud, "inspiration and great design can come from anywhere!"


  1. Manlygiftgiver17/1/12 21:12

    Love the bubble chandelier. If only I had picked up surplus ornaments after the holidays I could have done a DIY version.