October 23, 2012

Mint Me, Please!

So, I just learned of a wonderful site called Minted.com. It's much like Tiny Prints, but holds design challenges to find new talent and give fledgling studios, like my own, exposure to many, many thousands of folks that otherwise would never know we exist! The current challenge is a quickfire calender challenge. Submissions were excepted over a 5 day period and voting just opened a few hours ago. In true quickfire fashion, voting closes TOMORROW afternoon, Wednesday at 3pm to be precise. They'll choose the top 25 to award cash prizes to and those same designs will be sold on Minted.com! Best of all, in addition to the cash prize, you get a commission whenever your design is purchased! Competition, exposure, extra $$$.... this is all sounding very good right now! Please pop over to Minted.com and vote for our designs! Given the time crunch, Little Bird clients and LIFE, we only had time to make 3 submissions, pictured below:) I hope you like them! Wish us luck!!!! AND VOTE!

Click image to vote: "Tree of Love:)"

Click image to vote: "Simply Elegant Swirl"
Click image to vote: "So Happy Together"

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