February 24, 2012

Friday Favorites on Saturday morning:)

So, admittedly I am the world's worst blogger and have already faltered in keeping my New Year's Resolutions, but I'm a work in progress. Apologies all around for my blogging gap. As explanation to my absence, the hubs and I ran and completed the Okinawa Marathon last weekend, much to my own shock and amazement! It's an experience I will not soon forget and hope to never relive. I'm humbled by those that continually train and run marathons year after year, you are amazing! As for me, my marathon days are behind me and my bucket list is a little shorter. The most heartwarming and memorable part of the day were the incredible Okinawan supporters. For 26+ miles they never ceased encouraging, cheering, feeding, and motivating the thousands of participants to the finish line. They even sprayed runners down with icy-hot when needed! I love you, Okinawa!

Better late than never, here are my Friday Favorites and it's all about COLOR!

Watercolor Wallpaper
Brilliant! Make an impact of epic proportions with an amazing piece of "wall art" from Black Crow Studios. BCS specializes in custom wallpaper to fit your style and sensibility. They create true art that's meant to surround your everyday life. If a wall mural is too much for you, they also offer their works on canvas. LOVE this:)

Ombré & Blush
Never having been a big fan of pink, my life suddenly changed when our baby girl arrived almost a year ago. I'm slowly coming around to the notion of pastels and the unavoidable pink she always seems to be wearing. As my mind and color palette are broadening I am continually drawn to ombré (a gradation of color) and shades of blush. As of late I'm even searching for a dress in blush, which is highly out of character. Yes, I know it's essentially just pink, but blush makes me feel better! These images from Decor8 are a beautiful example of a blush ombré in multiple applications. I found this image through my very stylish and very witty friend Mara of Scribble Babble: the life and times of a would-be author. Very enjoyable blog!

Dramatic color + simple imagery
This is an image I found on Pinterest. I love the simple repeating elements in dramatic, fiery shades patterned on the door with the patina of this unusual doorknocker. I also just love doorknockers in general:)

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