January 30, 2011

Long overdue!

It's been quite the holiday season for Little Bird! Now that we are in a new year, my goal is to be more consistent.... in life! I don't believe in resolutions as they have never really worked for me, but I do believe in attempting to start the year off (only a month late) with good intentions.

We were fortunate enough to have lots of family over for Christmas, which considering we live in Okinawa, Japan, is a big deal! Since we all rang in 2011 we've been busily trying to get ready for baby girl to arrive in March! We are still hopelessly behind, but I'm sure she'll make her appearance whether or not I've put up the wall decal in the nursery:)

I've also had the pleasure of working a bit more on my non-stationery related design. This piece may be what I'm most proud of in my design career to date, other than the fact that I have a design career! This is a jewelry catalog for KiraKira by Suzanne Somersall. Suzanne is a driven, intelligent, talented jewelry designer with a stunning collection. She's also just an all around great person. She was kind enough to let me explore my artistic vision for her catalog and here are the results! Please take a look!
Incidentally, her collection inspired my baby shower invitation:) The date/location/name is all filler, but this is design. Once printed, with the appropriate info, I plan to frame this and hang it in her room. It'll be a nice reminder down the road of the wonderful friends I've made in Okinawa:) And yes, I know it's pink! Those of you who know me well know my severe aversion to pink in my house, wardrobe, accessories, ect. I do approve of the use of pink for design purposes:)

Until next time, which hopefully will be before 2012, thanks for stopping by!

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