November 16, 2010

Happy Holidays:)

I'm a little late getting this post out, but it's been crazy around here! The holidays are officially upon us! I love Christmas!! I love the weather changing and wearing warm clothes. I love the snow, (that we don't get here in Okinawa), and the excitement in the air. Most of all I love being around loved ones and eating truly gluttenous amounts of yummy holiday food! Egg nog and turkey... mmmmm. I think I could subsist on nothing else! This will be the second time I get to experience the joy of holiday eating in maternity pants... bonus! And no one will judge me for shoveling food into my face:) I can just blame it on the baby!

Honestly though, I will miss my friends and family back in the states and think of you all every moment. The holidays will be a little quieter this year, but with Dane, my spirited almost 3 year old, things will never be boring:)

And now the unveiling! I just wanted to share some holiday cards I've designed recently. All cards can be found on Little Bird's Etsy shop:) I hope you enjoy them:)

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